Book Review: 企鹅机动队套书 – Marching Penguins (简体书) Simplified Chinese

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent (with a couple hundred character recognition)
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This is a set of 11 books that are so…. darn… cute. It has a box and comes with five cute little bookmarks.

penguinbook 2 small

It’s the story of 50 little penguins marching out doing different things in each book but each book has a theme of a place they visit (like Africa, the amazon, arctic, etc. ) and the animals they meet. They usually meet three animals in a book. It introduces little kids to animals and different countries and climates. The story is very easy to understand for little kids and is easy to read for the child that has at least 500-800 characters under their belt. There will be some new terms that relate to the country or climate of choice or the animals’ names but other than that, it’s a pretty easy read and great for practice.

The story I read above is about the 50 penguins that visit an island in Japan (since it’s by a Japanese author). They march and march and they always have a marching song. Other animals always get confused but intrigued by their marching song. The first animal they meet is a lion. The team leader of the penguin patch is never afraid of any animal and due to this, those animals get confused and they wonder why and they end up following the marching penguins. The second animal they meet is a snake and then third animal is the crocodile. All three followed the penguins up the great big hill. Once they’re up there, there’s a loud explosion and out comes the dinosaur! They all fall down the hill and then the penguins marched back to their boat and started drawing a big map of the island. They labeled the lion “dangerous” followed by the snake and the crocodile. However, they labeled the dinosaur “fun.” The story ends with the lion roar as he watched the penguins leave on their boat where he, too, wants to be called “fun.”

Great practice reading, highly recommend it. Whimsical and cute set.

penguinbook 1 small

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