Book Review: 爱之阅读桥梁书 Love Reading Bridge Books Simplified Set 简体书

Age: 5+ (with a few hundred characters and with parent)
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This is a really nice set of picture book like bridge books! There are a lot of words on a page but the story line is cute enough to want to continue reading. There are 20 books and each book is about 30 pages long (shorter than a normal picture book) but yet there are a lot more words on a page. These are all translated from Belgium authors and most of the stories are very heart warming. I read two in the video. The first one is about a mom who is going on vacation for fourteen days and her child is freaking out about it and trying to prove a point that without mom, the whole house wouldn’t work or the whole world is going to stop or something. She talked about her dad wouldn’t feed the cat, this and that. Then dad said to practice the life when mom won’t be here for a day so they did. At first she didn’t like it and wanted to prove to her mom that she shouldn’t go on vacation but in the end, she had a really fun and great day with her dad. The book ended with her mom being a little sad to leave for vacation but did so anyway and they were all happy. It was very nicely and sweetly done.

The second book I quickly went through is about a boy who was afraid of his new teacher for first grade. Some big kid told him his new teacher is a wolf, ha. So the entire first day was spent in fear that his teacher would eat him up. Then he fell asleep on his desk and then had a dream that his teacher was going to eat him only to find his teacher came to wake him up and ask if he was okay? The rest of the day made him realize his teacher was super nice and a great story teller and at the end of the day, he went to tell the other big kid that his teacher is not a wolf but gentle like a rabbit.

This set is pretty well done and I like the stories inside. It’s short and easy to read and the story lines are interesting. Most are told in a first person standpoint so it’s easier for children to follow and makes it easier to feel the character’s internal struggles.

I like this set! It’s a great set to read together with your child or if they have about 1000 characters recognition to read this themselves. Cheers!

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