Book Review:小熊咕噜噜的冒险之旅 Little Bear’s Adventures (Simplified , 简体书)

bear set_1

Age: 5+ with parent or read independently if you know 1000+ characters

小熊咕噜噜的冒险之旅 套书

This is a set of three books about a bear and his adventures. In 小心魔法 he wakes up from a long lazy nap and it’s spring so he goes out to find something to eat. He wants to eat a flower only to find an ant on top of it. He was rude to the ant and little did he know, the ant has magical powers and shrunk him to a tiny miniature bear that’s the size of an ant for a day. He spent a whole day trying to figure out how to become big again and in the end, it was the rising of the sun the next day that released the powers and gave him his size back. The story is not fast paced and very gentle for younger readers. There’s nothing to fear in the story and there’s no bad guys either … ever. I think it’s a cute book to read to your younger children and for your older ones, for them to practice reading if they have let’s say 1000 characters under their belt in Chinese. I am guessing each book is about 3000 characters or less. Although the print isn’t huge, there isn’t a lot of words on any given page either. Paper quality is good from China for this set, no glossy pages but the print was very clear and the colors vibrant.

小河的秘密 is about the bear wanting to know where the water comes from. He takes an adventure to follow the river to the top only to find a water genie/fairy and when he found her, she granted him three wishes (all very practical wishes like wanting to eat something or send a letter to a friend). Then after he found the source of water, he starts to walk back home and got a little lost in the dark. This is when he found little fireflies in his backpack that will guide home. This is what the fairy/genie had left for him with her magic. He gets home safe. The end. Cute, heart warming, not a “thrilling” book per se but very appropriate for the younger crowd. Sweet and cute kind of like Winnie the Pooh.

This is him on his way to find the water source.

This is him climbing up a waterfall with a little trouble and again on his way to find his water source.

This is where he finds the genie/fairy of the water.

This is the moment where he finds the water at the top of the mountain.


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