Book Review: 「查理和蘿拉」系列 Charlie and Lola Collection

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent with zhuyin

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For a Set of Three

This is a very popular set of books! It’s translated, has DVDs and there are a ton in this collection although I was only able to collect the six that are sold on 博客來. The one I love the most the one about Lola not wanting to go to sleep where she makes up so many excuses of imaginative animals for her brother to deal with. The brother is very very patient. I read this story because I am constantly teaching patience to my older one on dealing with the little one. My little one talks… a LOT. She’s very similar to this Lola and my big one is a straight shooter and doesn’t like to waste time on “imagination”… so this book fit our situation perfectly.

Pictures inside are very colorful. They include illustrations as well as pictures of actual items. It’s set up like a collage which is somewhat different from other children’s books. The topics are always healthy and always has something to point out and teach. One of them was about environment, the other about teeth, then about going to school, etc. It addresses the fears that children have sometimes and make them not so bad to deal with. I would say this set is really fit for the 3-6 year old with age 6 being the max age for these picture books. Beyond first grade, they may find it a little childish as they start to crave more complex stories. Though at my age, you start appreciating it again because you understand the humor in a different way.

Here are the 6 books that I have. Purchase links are above.

charlie lola_3

The book always starts with the brother introducing his little sister and a “problem” she has like not wanting to throw stuff away, not wanting to sleep, not wanting to go to school. Then the books proceed to solve her problem.

charlie lola_4

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