Book Review: 魔法校車套書 Magic School Bus Set 22 Books

Age: 6+ independent or with parent

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魔法校車第一輯  Magic School Bus First Set 12 Books
魔法校車第二輯  Magic School Bus Second Set 10 Books
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This is a set of books about science topics everything from water to electricity and nature. The story is all about a class of students go set off on an adventure with their teacher on a magical school bus that let’s them dive deep into the ocean, fly high into the air, and even shrink and get swallowed by a child to see the inner works of your digestive system and the insides of a human body. It’s all science related topics that your children will surely enjoy.

The topics aren’t easy and so if you’re letting a toddler read, they may not get the whole picture without sufficient explanation from a parent. There are a lot of harder terms in the books so it’s best to read with the child and explain. Those children that are already on bridge books and in first grade can read these on their own if they wish and then come to you for questions.

We like this because it’s in a picture book format but yet the content is hard. There are many words on a page so although it’s considered a picture book, for us, it’s really a bridge book material book. Later on, they actually have written up a set of real “chapter books” in this series for older children but that’s after the kids are ready for it in mid-elementary and I believe those chapter books do not have zhuyin or pinyin.

The kids learn a great deal from it. For my four year old, I will have to read with her and explain. My six year old can read on her own but she’ll have many many questions about the stuff she reads and we’ll go over it either with examples or showing her more information from the web and reading more about it. It really is a science book where you can discuss things and actually apply it to real life on a daily basis.

I find this set very educational and highly recommend it!

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