Book Review: 格林童話貼紙書 , 安徒生童話貼紙, Grimm Tales and Andersen Tales Sticker Books

Age: 2+

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This is a cute set of sticker books that are open ended. You can use it for your 2 year old to play with stickers or you can use it all the way up to lower elementary to train your kids to practice telling stories in Chinese (and I guess English). It’s a training tool for them to organize their thoughts and retell a story in their own words.

Older kids can re-write the story and then you can even give a challenge to utilize idioms in their stories. It serves as a good starting slate to write their own essays and stories without too much brainstorming since the general idea is there.

The books start with descriptions of each page on what the story is generally like in the original story. However, kids can change it up and tell their own version and put in their own stickers. It allows for a lot of creativity and I love that. I like kids being able to reinvent and retell the story. For the older kids who already know how to write, I would ask for a one sentence or couple sentences a pages on them writing their own version.

Therefore, I feel like this is a tool that can be used by multiple ages. Kids love it because it has many stickers and are all beautifully illustrated. You can peel and reuse anytime as well.

I like the small size of it (the size of a normal paperback) so it’s easy to carry around and whip out when you’re out and kids are tired or bored. This is a great way for them to spend about 30 minutes sticking things on pages and thinking about how they want their own story to go.

I love this set! There are 4 sets of 6 books so a total of 24 books.

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