Book Review: 每天一篇故事,10天學會150個成語 (10 Days, 150 Idioms)

Age: 8+ (third grade reading level)

每天一篇故事,10天學會150個成語 (1) 
每天一篇故事,10天學會150個成語 (2) 

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I listed this book as age 8+ (second grade) and stated third grade reading level due to the content of the books but that doesn’t mean younger children cannot do it. With parent guidance, younger children will be able to understand the stories just fine. Stories are all about elementary school life centered around 3rd-5th grade students. If your child is in school and has a strong sense of grade levels and of their own level, I think they would be able to understand what’s in the books. However, there are topics about digging fossils and about school club events that may seem very foreign to children who are “too young.”

I have a preschooler at home but since she attends a montessori and often has access to the elementary school kids, she’s not foreign to any of these topics so she read it with ease. As soon as I explained what the idioms mean or what the harder phrases mean, the stories were interesting to her and even made her laugh. I would say give it to your child based on your own judgement.

My first grader at home… no doubt… embraced it and loved the topics that were inside. She normally likes to read about school life and things she can relate to so she really loved the first book. We read through the first one in that 10 day time frame and she can’t wait to start the second one.

There are 150 idioms total in each book divided into 10 chapters for a chapter a day. That’s 300 idioms in 20 days if you really wanted to do it that way. It’s a lot, yes. Is it stressful? Not really. I don’t find it to be any more than the other books they’ve been reading but it creates an awareness of WHERE the idioms are and actually a glossary of them in the back of the book. I like how at the end of each chapter, they give you a worksheet to review five idioms from each chapter. I wished they had MORE MORE MORE MORE WORKSHEETS! A mom can only wish. I now realize that in every one of the bridge books they’ve read, there are probably more than 50-100 idioms and some maybe even more per book. I just like this exercise where you take the idioms out and are cognizant of their existence and then you kind of dissect each one and really learn what they are about and be able to use it in another sentence.

Here are examples of the sheets my kids completed:


Here’s an example of our discussions and a review at the end of each lesson… please excuse the burp in the end from my very very ladylike child… LOL…


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