Book Review: 我最喜愛的中國神話 (My Favorite Chinese Fairy Tales)

Age: 5+ with parent or independent

我最喜愛的中國神話  My Favorite Chinese Fairy Tales

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I love this Chinese Fairy Tale book. It’s


My kids love love love love love love love this book. It’s come to a point where I have to re-read stories to them. They love reading this themselves as well as having me read it to them as well as them reading aloud. They love the illustrations too. They were particularly enthralled by the first story of how the earth/world started where a guy pops out of a shell and splits the shell in half. As he stretches and stretches, the top shell becomes the sky and the bottom becomes the earth and over time, he grows into part of the environment himself and THAT is how the world started. They read this story about 15 times. Then it continues to how people were created in the next story.

The book is just full of interesting stories. It’s for kids who can understand at least on a kindergarten level and will require explanations of harder phrases. Think of it as a bridge book with pictures and it’s the perfect length for a bedtime story (less than 10 minutes to read each story). The stories are all classic Chinese fairy tales and are about 10 pages a story the perfect length for a well read story with just enough details. The pictures are beautiful and are done by well known illustrators. The stories are well written by good authors.



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