Taiwan Eats: 海底撈 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

I love hotpot and Taiwan has the best hot pot places. This particular chain though is from China and I can’t say enough good stuff about it. First of all, the meat is delicious. Second, they have a bagillion sauces for you to choose from. Third, their service is top notch. We sat down, immediately the waitress gave us baskets under the chair to put our bags, gave me a hair tie so my hair won’t be in my face when I eat, gave me cell phone protector baggies, gave us all aprons, etc. Then, she saw my girls were all jetlagged and gave them both GIFTS! A set of doctor toys …. I’m like WHAT??? Not only that, you can watch your noodles being hand thrown while the guy dances while stretching and making your noodles. It was kind of fun as he had a portable stereo on him. Then there’s the entertainment of the night where a Chinese masked dancer comes out and changes his face mask magically with a swipe of his face. My girls were fascinated and still can’t stop talking about it. At the end of his dance, he gave my girls both take home gifts. It was pretty nice. It was like an entertainment experience. Throughout the whole time, the servers were super courteous and kept asking us for feedback and whether they can do better. I’m pretty impressed.

Food and sauce center

Performance of face changing dancer and the free gift.

Noodle throwing at the table…


Free fruit plate with a personalized written note:


Free kids gift:


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