Taiwan Fun: 貓空纜車 MaoKong Gondola

We went on the Maokong Gondola. Some things to note:

  • It’s a 25 minute ride up and 25 minute ride down if you want to ride down.
  • You can take a taxi down for 75 nt a person or negotiate. There are taxis at the top of the mountain.
  • There’s a tour shuttle to take you down if you want that as well where you can hop off at other scenic sites along the mountain like temples, etc.
  • There are many tea places ones you’re on top of the mountain. We’ve only tried one… it was .. okay but I wouldn’t eat there for any fancy lunch or dinner.
  • Scenery was beautiful throughout the ride.
  • There’s a CRYSTAL cabin and a regular. CRYSTAL comes once every 5-10 regular cabins and is red colored. For crystal cabin, you can have a see through floor which you can see in my pictures below. Was it worth the wait? ABSOLUTELY. It was the highlight of my girl’s time on that gondola. It’s so exciting to them, they wanted to ride the gondola down as well.
  • There’s NO air conditioning in the gondola so … you’ll probably sweat a bit but the windows are open and there’s the warm breeze that comes in.
  • Here’s a convenience shop at the top where you can buy simple things to eat if you don’t want to sit at any of the tea cafes but what’s the fun in that??? Just go sit in one of the tea cafes and have some tea!
  • The most famous tea on that mountain is Tin Kuan Yin (鐵觀音) Tea. It’s smoky but it was most recommended for the mountain by the people working there on the mountain, etc.
  • It’s a few degrees lower in temperature on the hill but was still very hot and we were still sweating so don’t count on getting a cool breeze fix when you get up!






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