Taiwan Fun: 九份老街 JiuFen Old Street

If you love shopping for local items and walking through old styled streets, this is the place for you. This place as been used as the background for movies like “A City of Sadness” and “Spirited Away” so it’s popular for a lot of Asian to come see this place.

It’s very “steep”… it was raining so floors were slippery. Make sure you wear waterproof shoes OR just sandals so even if it’s wet and disgusting, it’ll just dry off. Don’t come in like canvas shoes or sneakers. You will regret that. Also, an umbrella is handy since it’s rainy in the month of June and July.

The steep small streets make it a challenge for kids to really enjoy walking for a long time in there but then again, there’s a lot of toys and cute stuff to look at.

We bought recorders/flutes that were made from ceramic. Most of them are under 500nt and a lot of them were only 100-250 nt and they are all hand painted. My kids loved these and was easy to figure out the notes. They even gave a song book where you can follow the fingering.


We also bought personalized stamps and it’s laser cut with your font of choice within a few minutes so waiting is minimal. Prices range from 100- very expensive if you want good quality ones.

We ate their famous chewy taro and sweet potato balls with ice bowls… something you just have to eat when you get there.

Nicer shopping places are on the outskirts of the streets with the view of the gold mine, mountain, and seas. If you walk on the outskirts, you’ll find trendier bars and restaurants for you to sit in a/c.


There’s a nice temple on the bottom of the hill if you want to take some photos as well.


We walked up the traditional entrance to shopping and walked down the path that has the view of the sea (which requires you to first walk down a long path of steep steps but I prefer that over slippery downward sloping ground which was a challenge for my kids). I found that is the best course since I didn’t want to walk back the same path… it would have been difficult since there were so many people in there.


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