Taiwan Fun: 十分 Shifen Old Street

This is the famous place where you can light up paper lanterns and let them float into the sky like the Taiwan idol dramas. The strip of shopping is about only half a mile long. You will find lantern shops all along the shopping strip with similar prices. $150 for one color and $200 for multi color. Each combo means different things like for good health, fortune, love, career, grades, etc. You write a wish on your lantern and light it up along the train path. This is a REAL train path so please watch out. When the train comes… move out of the way….

The further along the path you go, the less people will be in your background when you light your lantern. I know this now. However, having said that, we still had a blast. I bought the girls each a multicolored lantern. They took about 30-35 minutes to draw on there with a calligraphy brush and then took about another 15 minutes to light up all three we had (I did one too for fun). Once you’re done drawing, they take you to the track where you hold your lantern up and they take photos for you for all four sides you drew/wrote on. After that, they would light it up and let you hold it again (careful it’s hot) and then take a video of you letting it go into the sky.


There are some light snacks there but nothing you can really eat as a meal. Don’t go there thinking you’ll get a gourmet meal at this location. Better just go for the lantern and the waterfall. Then go elsewhere to eat. They sell these small lantern toys everywhere … it’s not great but somehow my kids love it.

There’s a waterfall there. It’s cute. Spectacular? Eh… but it’s a short walk from the top of the hill and you might as well go since you’re already there. Why not right? We unfortunately hit rain on our way there so didn’t enjoy it as much but we still tread through the rain and made it work!

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