Taiwan Fun: 野柳地質公園 Yeliu Geopark

This place was sooooooooooo freagin beautiful. However, it was SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!! OMG, I was melting!!!! Yes, I did the whole Taiwan thing and was carrying an umbrella the whole time because my skin was burning. Kids were whining one minute into the park on how hot they were and how they feel tired cuz they’re HOT!!!! There is no shade in the actual park itself … it’s situated next to the mountains and it’s surrounded by sea and it’s absolutely gorgeous. If you want to the get the main attraction of taking a picture with the Queen’s head… well, you’ll have to stand in line… in the heat. We kind of didn’t line up and took it at another angle. I had kids… my excuse is I don’t have 40 minutes to line up to take ONE photo of this rock from the perfect angle.

Other than that, when you come out, there’s a coffee/tea shop with … A/C!!!!! Go in, have a cup of iced tea, get some a/c in their back room and then go on with your trip after you’ve cooled off.

stink face from the sun…. haha


the sun was not my little one’s friend…



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