Taiwan Eats: Kiki Restaurant Kiki 餐廳

This is a chain opened by 藍心湄. It’s not like something that’s ultra ultra special but the taste is so good! For those that like spicy food, this is the place to come. The menu is expansive and the food is super well cooked. I really suggest 蒼蠅頭 as a must order if you like spicy. It’s chives and meat in spicy goodness. Their 口水鷄 is pretty amazing too along with their 擔擔麵. If you’re in Taiwan, you should order a plate of 炒水蓮 if you see it in the restaurants. We don’t get it in the states so definitely try. The plant itself looks like strands of green hair but as thin hollow tubes and tastes absolutely amazing.

This one is location in many places and even one in eslite when you’re waiting for your kids to read books and do their “arts and crafts” upstairs, you could be pigging out at Kiki.







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