Taiwan Fun: Yilan Scallions Farm 到宜蘭拔蔥

This is an activity we did in Yilan. We went to a green scallions farm and pulled out long scallions called 三星葱. Then we made scallion pancakes.

They have: rainboots so your feet don’t get dirty in the farm while stepping in mud to get the scallions. You wash the scallions in the water pool they have at the farm. Then you make the pancakes in on site. They fry it and you eat it on the spot.

The scallions there really taste different. If you taste it raw, it actually has a sweet after taste. My girls loved the pancakes they made themselves.

The whole process takes about an hour. It’s hot. You’ll sweat. Kids love it. It’s very educational. They even talk about how to make the skin for the pancake prior to giving you the dough. The instructor spoke a lot in Taiwanese too.

Warning: there will be mosquitoes. Please bring insect repellent and sunscreen.

Here’s a video of them rolling the pancake:



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