Taipei Eats: 銷魂麵舖 Spicy Noodle

I found this in 新光三越 (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi) A11 美食街 (food court basement level) … um… with a crazy line during the weekend. I vowed to come try it when it’s not as busy during the week. There’s still a line during the week! But manageable!

It’s spicy but not too spicy. I don’t find Taiwanese spicy to be spicy at all actually. However, the noodles are so tasty! They give you a bowl of spicy beef soup with a LOT of beef and then a separate dry noodle bowl…. it was… very tasty. No wonder there’s always a wait. Being located inside a food court makes you think maybe the quality is not as high but that’s totally false. I really enjoyed my spicy noodle and house made plum juice.

I recommend getting the fried crunch what they call breadsticks but it’s like fried dough you usually get during breakfast (油條). You dip that in spicy soup and yay!

Anyway if you’re going with kids, you can get a non spicy soup for them and non spicy bowl of noodles by request. You can also order a separate small bowl of mala spicy soup if you’re sharing with kids so you’re not ordering two full meals. The extra noodles is an add on too if you wanted to do that.

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