Taiwan Eats: 一蘭 拉麵 Ichiran Ramen

Noodles were great. Soup was great. Extra plate of meat wasn’t so great. Just get their traditional Char Siu. Don’t get the extra $148 plate of 燒肉. It wasn’t tender. Didn’t love that. Otherwise, everything was great!

I ordered 10 times the spicy and then ordered slightly harder noodles which I thought was smart. The noodles get softer as you eat and then it was perfect by the time I was eating it (since I took about a minute to take some pictures). Everyone sits in a stand as if you’re in the streets of Japan. There’s a drape that pulls down in front of you when you sit down so you actually don’t see your server. I never got to see my server.

The 10 times spicy wasn’t anything near super spicy so people who can take spicy? Get the 10 times spicy!

On the weekends there’s a 1.5 hour wait but on the weekdays … wait is less than 30 minutes if you go like ten to fifteen minutes before 12pm. Dishes come pretty fast so turnover is fast too.

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