Taiwan Eats: 大三元 3 Coins (Michelin 1 Star)

This place was awarded Michelin one star last year. It’s very very traditional cuisine and has a Cantonese flair …. but is it really Cantonese? Not really. The taste is more like Taiwanese Cantonese fusion?

The duck is crispy on the outside and I like the wrap that it came with. It’s got grains but doesn’t taste grainy. Instead it’s nice and thin but still chewy and bouncy. I love it! Be sure to pre-order if you want the duck or else you cannot order it on the spot. How does this compare to W Hotel Duck Yen 紫艷 at W Hotel -Oh My Duck… or Taiwan Eats: Palais De Chine (Michelin 3 Stars) 君品酒店 頤宮 (米其林 3 星)? I would rank Palais De Chine as number one followed by W Hotel and then by this. However, having said that, 3 Coins had the meatiest duck so if you want more meat with your duck, this is great! The duck soup that they used the bones for was exceptional! Yen gave small pieces and portions and went for the super tasty bite. Palais focused on young hard to get ducks and taste wise was just a TAD better than Yen … a TAD … but that TAD is kind of hard to achieve and therefore, they are Michelin 3 stars right?

I really liked the 蝦鬆 as well (shrimp wrapped in lettuce dish). It was very clean tasting and very satisfying at the same time.

So the one thing I didn’t take photos of that I thought was also superb was the frog’s legs… lol. You’ll just have to order to find out.

I took pictures of most dishes but forgot a few because we dug in too fast and it was gone like the frogs legs, dessert, duck soup, etc.

One of the things that surprised me was the plum tomatoes (last photo)……. these were SO YUMMY. You have to try them!


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