Taiwan Eats: 晶華冠軍牛肉麵 Regent CBN Champion Beef Noodles

This place won championship in beef noodle competition in 2015. It may or may not fit your taste depending on what type of beef noodles you like. I found it kind of cheesy they have “Champion Beef Noodles” right smack on the outside but I guess it does help people realize who they while walking around.

For me, this was considered in my top 10% for Taiwan beef noodles. Why? Some people may love the big pieces of tendon like many of the other champion beef noodle places. However, I look for more flavor and quality of the meat. Personally, I spend days cooking up a pot of good beef noodles and I use the best meat cuts so for me, I’m looking for that shop with “flavorful” soy sauce braised beef.

Most places have great “stock”… but yet the meat is … bland but tender. The usual bowl of noodles are considered great by most people because the stock is good and the meat is tender but what about how tasty the meat is? How much time did they think about braising the actual meat and the flavor it absorbed?

This place was the only one that used steak quality marbled meats in their beef noodles and I can taste the braising of the beef to be full flavor. Was the meat the best I’ve ever tasted? Probably not because we use really great meats at home so no shops can compare to home but commercial wise, this place didn’t disappoint on soup and beef flavor.

Price was high and portions are small though. that’s a warning for you but it is a high end place. This is located in a high end mall : Breeze Xinyi (微風信義). This also means you’ll get the ample amount of a/c you want!

We had 拌麵, 冠軍牛肉麵, 清燉牛肉麵.  Of course my favorite was the 冠軍牛肉麵 (Champion noodle). I would suggest skip the others and just go for their champion noodles. Their side dishes were good too but obviously I was there for the bowl of beef noodles.

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