Taiwan Eats: Mazendo 麻膳堂

This place is supposed to be known for their spicy noodles but the GEM I found is their Hainan Chicken RICE!!!!!!!!!! Their rice has a lemongrass flavor scented through and not oily. The chicken was better than what I remembered in Singapore… chicken was warm and tender and the bones were still red inside but the meat was fully cooked. The skin was bouncy and flavorful. The sauces were great too. They have a hot sauce and a ginger scallion sauce. All three were great.

Their spicy noodles were good but the meat was lackluster. It’s just your standard hot pot meat, nothing special. The soup was spicy but maybe not spicy enough for “me” but I do eat pretty spicy… the noodles inside was very good though, tasted freshly made which was a plus.

There were other menu items that were good like dumplings and fried rice. All were very up to standards. It’s a cheap eats option in the neighborhood if you’re looking for a quicker sit down bite in the Xinyi District.

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