Taiwan Fun: 華山1914創意產業園區 Wooderful Life

This is an “indoor” … “a/c filled”… “pretty place”… “with lots to do”… for kids age 3-8ish. There are easy things like go fish and harder stuff like Chinese checkers in a gated area within Wooderful Life located in 華山1914… go when they open on the weekends and wait at the door about 15 minutes prior and you’ll be able to get in.

Play time per session is about 1.5 hours. You can look throughout their store too but the play area is 1.5 hours and about 100 TWD a ticket. There are restaurants in this area too and many many other exhibits in the same area. This particular place was suggested by my good friend and we went together. Our kids played mind games, shot some targets with rubber bands and wooden guns and balanced little people (which is harder than it looks… those little sucks are very slippery)…

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