Book Review: 喜羊羊與灰太狼 Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (56 Books) Comics

Age 5+

This is a set of 56 comic books (I don’t have them all but I have enough) that I believe is out of print. You’ll be able to find these in the out of print sales sites or groups sometimes Used Chinese Book Group by Motherly Notes.

It’s about a not so smart wolf trying to get fat fat sheep to eat but always fail. He’s always a little slow or dumb or have bad luck. My kids… love it. It’s so dumb, they have to love it. Just like they like all the other butt and fart and poop books, this one is a favorite too. It doesn’t have that many words to each comic box and it has no zhuyin (phonetic assistance) so it’s wonderful for children with more than 1000 characters under their belt to start practicing reading without zhuyin!

I will read one story in the book for you as a sample. It’s quite cute!

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