Book Review: 电话里的童话第2辑 注音版(套装全13册)Simplified 簡體版

Age 3-6

Although the set calls itself a “bridge book” set, I find it better to call it a picture book set. It’s part of the Christian Andersen Awards series of books. Their awarded books are a hit and miss for me sometimes. Some stories are great. Others leave me with a question mark. However, it’s not more weird than some of the regular stories I read in simplified Chinese books. This set has nice illustrations and at least the format (since translated) is very familiar. I only bought the second set in the series to try out. It’s mainly to practice reading simplified Chinese. Stories are entertaining only for children up to first grade (maybe that’s a stretch). I would say the best time to read these would be between three to a late five year old…

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