Book Review: 我愛瑪婷 52 本, 26張 CD. I Love Martine Series Chinese Version

Book Review: 我愛瑪婷 52 本, 26張 CD. I Love Martine Series Chinese Version

Age 3-6

This is totally 1970’s style set of 52 picture books with 26 CDs. The CDs are read verbatim with the book! Those that don’t want to read with your children? Great! Have them listen to the CDs! LOL! The CDs are actually well done. I didn’t listen to them until now because we usually just read from books direct. The CDs have separate voices for each character which is always a plus and there are a few sound effects and some music as well.

This set is mostly about topics in everyday life like learning to swim, going to the park, going to the zoo, seeing a stray cat, using magic, going camping. Everything your child comes upon, it’s probably there. Having said that, it’s not the most “thrilling” stories. There’s no villan and there’s really not a plot. It’s about a kid’s day and what he/she encounters. This is why it’s fit for the 3-6 year old and probably nothing more. Any older child would want more of a plot.

I do have to say that the paintings/drawings inside are super charming. If you buy it as just coffee table books, that would be fine. I’ll show you some examples below and in the video.

Is it worth buying? Depends on the child. Some of my friends say their kids can’t live without it. Others don’t care for it. Personally I don’t think boys would care for it but then again I’m being proven wrong because plenty of boys in our facebook group seem to like it! It really depends on your child!


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