Book Review: 名著大家讀 系列 Well Known Classics Picture Book Collection

Age: 3-6 with parent, 6+ independent

Purchase links:

Set 1: 伊索寓言、格林童話、安徒生童話和日本童話,共4冊

Set 2: 經典故事、偉人傳記、星座神話和知名故事,共4冊

Book Not in Above Sets: 動物趣味故事15篇

This set is full of classic stories from all over the world. It has stories from Greece, Japan, China, even Canada???  Each story is about 10-15 pages long and every single page has illustrations! These are all the stories that we know and many that we don’t from other countries. Stories such as Snow White, Cinderella, the Three Little Pigs, etc., are all in there and there’s even a book about famous people. There are 9 books that I have but maybe there are more that came out. I gave the links above to the sets that are available so you don’t have to add each one to cart.

I like this set because it has multi purpose. You can read it to your children when they’re young. Then they can read it themselves when they’re ready. It has zhuyin but the words are not so hard so you can actually cover up the zhuyin and have them practice reading just the characters later. Each story is not so long to the point where children feel tired. It’s a great pre-bridge level book. In addition, I feel like older children and even parents would like it as well since they’re all classics. Who doesn’t like a good classic story??

The prices look great too at under $30 for 4 large format books that are lightweight! It doesn’t have a hardcover so it’s much lighter to ship than some other books. The set is super colorful as you’ll see in the video so it’s great for young and old alike. The language is easy enough for a 3 year old to understand but yet still has decent vocabulary for the older children.

In general, this is a great set to have if you’re trying to find something to read daily…

There’s a section in the back of each book that tells the parents the story meaning behind each story to share with your child as you’re reading.


Here are some sample images:



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