Book Review: 海龍號 系列 Bande de Pirates Collection

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Age: 6+

I think for a kid to read this on their own, they really need first grade level Chinese down to understand on their own what is happening. there are four book each with about 6000 characters and around 60 pages in length.

This set is good for boys and girls and I guess that’s why it’s popular. Each of them is an adventure story involving pirates. The first one I was told by my daughter is about them finding a treasure to save the some queen’s social status.

The characters are nicely laid out with many illustrations throughout the book (almost a large illustration on each page and definitely one illustration per spread). It’s a great set if you’re looking for smaller sets of books to read for the beginning reader. It’s a next step after your 3000 character books or you can read along with your 3000 character books by only reading 1-2 chapters a night.

I really like the illustrations inside as well as the paper quality.

Here are some illustrations of the insides:



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