Book Review: 中國經典童話 Chinese Folk Tales and Legend Set of 20 Books

Age: 5+

This set has CDs! You can put it in the car to listen, etc. I really love the titles in this set. Basically if you want your child to be aware of the Chinese folk tales, legends, and culture, this is a great set. The language isn’t too hard but hard enough to learn sophisticated phrases. The CD’s however do not follow verbatim to the book but it’s very well done, great voices for each character and very traditional Chinese background story music. I have an example in the following video. Each book can be read in about 15-20 minutes if you’re reading to your child. If they’re listening to the CD, each story is about 17 minutes. They have two books to one CD and it’s pretty good for a car ride. I really like these stories because it’s often referred to in bridge books and if you don’t know the story, you wouldn’t know the humor in the bridge books. It’s part of the Chinese culture and considered rather common knowledge just like Greek mythology, Grimm’s tales, etc.

Sample pages are posted below as well.

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