Book Review: 三采 西方經典童話 20 本 Suncolor Western Classics

Age 8+

Purchase Link:


I’ve been tracking down sets of classics for a while now. One that has

  • detailed stories and close to the original
  • zhuyin
  • colorful illustrations
  • excitingly written for the 3rd to 5th grade child
  • comprehension questions in the back
  • has 20,000 to 30,000 characters a book (Little Prince and Midsummer Night’s Dream has 20k and the rest has about 30k in characters per book)

Most classics don’t have zhuyin or they have it but have sparse black and white illustrations. Some have language too boring from translation and some aren’t detailed enough to be interesting. Then I found Suncolor and it’s really perfect for my children right now. We’re reading classics in English and these are the perfect accompaniment to those! What I love are the colorful illustrations inside (since I’m a sucker for illustrations). I love how it has zhuyin and great even spacing between each line for easy reading. There are just enough details for imagery in the story and each story is written exciting enough to keep the interest of the mid-elementary student. This provides reading with ease. It’s the perfect set for us for reading western classics but in Chinese.

The best part is the reading comprehension questions in the back!! I show this on the video. They follow the PISA and PIRLs standards for reading literacy. To read more about these, you can click on this link:

The comprehension questions have a mixture of select the right answer, sequencing and also essay like responses. That’s perfect for what we’re doing right now with the kids so I adore this part at the back of the book. Here is the explanation from the book on their comprehension question strategy and I have also included some example pages and questions from the book:

Here are some of the sample inside images from the book.

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