Book Review: 小兵故事百匯 72本, 3套 (Little Soldier Stories Parfait 72 Books, 3 Sets)

Age: 6+ with parent, 7+ by self

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故事百匯 第一輯

故事百匯 第二輯

故事百匯 第三輯

I only say you should read with a parent if your six year old isn’t mature enough to understand some content but I find a very mature six year old would love to hear these stories. I have an almost six year old who reads these by herself and is very immersed in it. In fact, she read three of these today because we’re at home isolating ourselves during this pandemic!

Each book takes roughly 20-25 minutes if you’re already at that 2nd or 3rd grade reading level. It’s a low stress book set but yet the reading level is there for that middle elementary level student. The stories are very interesting and all with great titles to grasp the children’s attention on this one. The font is EASY to read! This is a great feature of this publisher: EASY to READ fonts!!!

Many of the titles may seem silly at first but yet all of them always has a touching moment or have a deeper meaning. That is the part I really like. In the video I show a story that’s supposed to be about ghosts but it’s really about a boy and his grandma and the love and memories they created. It opens up the child’s world to a multitude of realities of real life but yet still bring that sweet aspect of a nice story.

At the end of each book are my favorite reading comprehension questions! LOL… I can ask them about the story and we can talk about it. There are no set answers but it’s great for discussion. There’s stuff like what would you do if you were the main character? What’s your favorite part of the story? Do you believe in magic why or why not? Do you think this story was true, why or why not? Now that my children are writing Chinese more fluently, I have used these questions as curriculum to have them practice short essay type responses. Very useful! In addition, due to the short length of each book, it’s easy to do one a day and then do some question responses. Perfect for an at home reading comprehension curriculum. I’m just sad there are only 72. I know some may think 72 is so much but if you’re really doing one or two a day… you’d wish there were more. Each story is different and from a different author. You never get bored…

For pictures, please look at the video as I didn’t have time to take pictures today (my kids are home 24/7 now during the isolation period and I don’t have a breather.

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  1. […] We were able to invite the famous author 王文華 to come tell stories to our kids here in the United States! Whoo hoo! He’s written hundreds and thousands of stories, haha. Enjoy the video! We were so lucky to have had him come here and grace us with his recommendations. I couldn’t be thankful enough! The sets of books he has written is scattered all over in my reviews! The ones he’s specifically mentioning in the video belong to this set: Book Review: 小兵快樂讀本系列 90 本 - Little Soldier Happy Reading 90 Books . The more advanced version of this set is this: Book Review: 小兵故事百匯 72本, 3套 (Little Soldier Stories Parfait 72 Books, 3 Sets). […]


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