Magazine Review: 泛亞 地球公民 365 兒童版 The Earth Kid

Ages: 6+ independent

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I love love love this set of magazines! It reads everything! It’s just as great as the other encyclopedia from the same company! See them in my previous posts:

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For this set, it’s the magazine! It has many sections including: storytime, science, history, culture, craft time, chinese vocabulary and phrases, and also creative writing instruction.

The best part is it reads everything in there with the reading pen. If you don’t have the pen from the same company, you can get their audio files here:

Audio Files MP3:

Reading Pen Files:

Not only does it read the text, every character on the page has a dialogue! Pictures that don’t have a description in words on the page will have a description in audio as well. Characters in the story that have a personality will be able to talk with the reading pen! It’s so amazing!

For stories that are told, all audio is recorded paragraph by paragraph so that your child can easily follow along and won’t lose their spot! It’s really an amazing feature and super useful for children that are starting to read on their own.

They also have a creative writing help section where they introduce terms on how to use adjectives or verbs and then the next section is having you write a little paragraph about a certain thing, object or situation.

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