Book Review: 故事奇想樹 系列 Whimsical Trees Set

325不偷懶小學1: 不摸魚老師不偷懶小學
328不偷懶小學2: 不可能奇蹟不偷懶小學
334不偷懶小學3: 不好找寶藏不偷懶小學
349不偷懶小學4: 忍不住大師不偷懶小學
331仙島小學1: 桃花源大考驗仙島小學
345好品格童話1: 壞脾氣的星星品格故事
346好品格童話2: 孔雀先生的祕密品格故事
347好品格童話3: 偷影子的小精靈品格故事
348好品格童話4: 狐狸奶奶的魔法餅乾品格故事
355好品格童話5: 小威愛哭哭品格故事
356好品格童話6: 蝴蝶女王與糞金龜品格故事
335Yes! 也算是小超人1小超人
364Yes! 也算是小超人2小超人
336快樂的金小川1: 小黑羊去上學快樂的金小川
329狐說八道2: 小心假猩猩狐說八道
340狐說八道3: 神采小飛羊狐說八道
352狐說八道4: 投石問錯鹿狐說八道
310用點心學校2: 好新鮮教室用點心學校
314用點心學校3: 老師有夠辣用點心學校
317用點心學校4: 學生真有料用點心學校
326用點心學校5: 香蕉不要皮用點心學校
332用點心學校6: 神氣白米飯用點心學校
338用點心學校7: 酸溜溜魔術用點心學校
342用點心學校8: 包在我身上用點心學校
353用點心學校9: 紅白大對抗用點心學校
360用點心學校10: 皇家金布丁用點心學校
341神探噴射雞2: 耍賴哎屁屁神探噴射雞
350神探噴射雞3: 腳書大魔法神探噴射雞
362貓卡卡的裁縫店2: 河馬夫人的禮服貓卡卡
322青蛙探長和小狗探員2: 變身項圈和黃金蛋青蛙探長
323青蛙探長和小狗探員3: 宇宙大王和鼻涕怪獸青蛙探長
324青蛙探長和小狗探員4: 飛行鯨魚和時光機青蛙探長

Age 6-10

This is an amazing amazing amazing set of books! So far there are 69 out (the date this post was written). I have collected all 69 because we just love love love this set!

Not only are the authors carefully picked for each set but the teaching ideas well set up for each book. Some books teach word play and some books teach idioms and others just teach about life. Many of the books in this set are very touching. They have subsets of books that have themes and I have reviewed a couple in the following videos:

好品格童話 4本 (1-8)click here to find the set on

The easiest set in this series is 好品格童話. It’s a series of 8 books by the famous 賴曉珍. That set has stories about how to control your temper to everything in the spectrum about how to be a better person. My kids really enjoyed that set and so did everyone I recommended it to. It’s also the easiest to read in all the sets of 故事奇想樹.

Set 1: 好品格童話 4本 (1-4)

Set 2: 好品格童話 4本 (5-8)

-The other books are a little harder (I suggest Taiwan grades 2 and up) and have word play and more idioms include:

狐說八道 click here to find on

This set is about some cute foxes and their silly stories and there are search and find idioms in each book and a glossary of the idioms in each book in the end. If you find them within the book, you can gather points. Something the kids like to dig for while reading and keeping score. Other than that, my kids giggled so hard when they went through this set!

神探噴射雞 click here to find it on

This set is about the world of cell phones and some word play on cell phones and chicken (手機跟鷄)。 You get sucked into the world of chickens / cell phones and understand their magical world and how they view us and how their world is like.

用點心學校 click here to find it on

Ah, world of desserts! This set of 11 books (so far) is all about desserts. The author of this set and well as the next set likes to do word play. Use words of the same sound but different meaning to make jokes in the books. They use a lot of desserts that only kids in Asia would know so I suggest it for children who already know Asian culture or have visited Asia to read this to get all the jokes. Children in Taiwan are all over this set and that’s why there are 11 books in the series! However, you may miss some jokes in there if you don’t know the actual dessert. My kids read 2-3 books in this set and didn’t continue because they aren’t really into desserts coming alive? Every kid is different and some kids just can’t put it down!

不偷懶學校 click here to find the books on

By the same author as the dessert set, this time the author is playing with words for people’s name in these quirky stories. My kids liked this set as it was based on real people. Since it’s only 4 books, I don’t see it as a huge risk if you’d like to buy a set and try it out. Again, has some difficulty to it because it has a lot of word play.

青蛙探長 click here to find it on

One of my favorite authors of all time 哲也 wrote this series and it was out of print for a couple years until they finally brought it back last year so hurry up and buy it! LOL! This is one of the harder series in this Whimsical Trees set because it again has word play as well. My kids loved it so either way, I think it’s not a huge risk to try the set of 4!

One of my favorite ones of all time is the Yes Series which I have reviewed before in another post:

Yes! 也是小超人

There are many other books and I’ve listed them all by their series numbers. Another one that I personally loved was 狐狸的金袋. It was so touching I even cried.

I sorted them by subsets of books and I hope that’s helpful to you. It’s hard to review EACH book as there are so many and it’s actually hard for me to pick my ultimate favorites because I find them all worthy of reading but my favorite author is 哲也 so I suggest buying all his sets up there (Yes! and 青蛙). The other set I would strongly encourage you buying is the 好品格 (I have listed way above) set which is the set of 8 books that are the easiest to read and start with.

Have fun!

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