Book Review: 樂讀456 系列 : 神奇柑仔店 1-8

Age: 8+

Purchase Link:

神奇柑仔店 1-4

神奇柑仔店 5-8

This is a very whimsical set for grades three and above in reading level in Chinese. It’s about a mysterious candy/snack shop opened by a supposedly old grandma who doesn’t have wrinkles. Her candies have magical powers and sometimes can give you magical powers. This candy shop is only visible to those kids in need. Each book has about 4-5 stories about different children who walk into the candy shop and then gets a candy to turn them into different creatures or give them different magical powers.

This set is a continuation of reading after Reading 123: 親子天下: 閲讀123 / Reading 123 Collection. This set isn’t necessarily harder but it’s longer and the material is more mature in some sense. Stories are more developed and stories take longer to get into the groove since there are more details given.

There aren’t many pictures and most of the book collections in this set are black and white so your child should have at least a reading level equivalent to a third grader in Asia to start this set. In addition, it’s best if they have a longer attention span already in order to enjoy these stories.

Since these are magical stories and sometimes a bit spooky, some younger kids may get scared.

Most children in our Facebook Group LOVE this set. I highly recommend it!

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