Magazine Review: 新小牛頓 Newtonkids!

Age: 5-7 with parent, 7+ independent

This is a neat set of science magazines fit for first to third grade level in Chinese. 99% of the magazine has zhuyin but there are a couple lines in their comics section that don’t but it won’t deter your budding reader from reading this because it’s FULL of cool pictures! Their topics are usually quite interesting consisting of bugs and animal fun facts as well as neat projects. Each magazine comes with a CD that doesn’t read verbatim but they have special effects and make it pretty entertaining for the child to listen on it’s own. Therefore, it’s great for that car ride for them to get some Chinese facts in and practice listening to science knowledge.

My kids enjoy this magazine a lot due to the facts that they learn. It’s effortless to read because there aren’t that many words on a page but yet the facts are not that easy.

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