Book Review: 妖怪出租 1-4 Rent A Monster


Purchase link: 妖怪出租 套書 1-4

This is a set by the same author as 神奇柑仔店 series. The stories are very fun and finished by my kids in record time. We love lighthearted reading. My kids alternate between these fun books as well as the heavier books for balance. Maturity wise, if your kid isn’t afraid of the unknown or friendly monsters, you can even read with younger ones. As in 神奇柑仔店, you get special powers from wishes you make. This time is about borrowing a small monster to help you with your wishes. There are lessons about being careful about what you wish for!

Although the set specifies age 9-12, they laid out the text nice and split apart, easy to read. Although there aren’t many pictures, in all, it’s very easy to follow. This is a good set for boys and girls alike and although each book is more than 200 pages, the lines are nicely spaced and won’t seem as daunting, especially when the story is fun.

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