Book Review: 汪喵偵探系列

Age: 6+ independent if they know Zhuyin

Purchase link: 汪喵偵探

This is a cute set of books and it really mimics our beloved 屁屁偵探系列 because they’re detective stories, gives out puzzles and mazes and little exercises. I didn’t personally do a video because my little one wanted to read the first part for our little readers.

There are currently 4 books in the series. If you like them, you can buy them all. I’ve listed the first book above in the link section.

Are these more exciting than 屁屁? That’s really up to the child and see what character they like. I children… still likes to see butts better, haha. However, they enjoyed this set for fun too. I think even if your reading level is hire, you can still enjoy these silly fun books as a quick read.

We will be using this set in our Summer 2022 Lower Elementary courses for those that love it, come and have some fun!

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