Book Review: 12歲之前一定要學的生活大小事 Things you should know about life before you’re 12!

Age: 9+ with parent or independent

Purchase Link: 12歲之前一定要學的生活大小事

I love books that teach my kids on how to be a good person… because… what’s the point of life if you don’t know how to get along with others? You’ll have no friends and be very unsuccessful in life.

This set of books is very interesting. It’s definitely a book for upper elementary aged kids. That’s when they start thinking more deeply about friends who are good to them, not good to them, and even nasty! Sometimes it’s confusing and hard to figure out why or why you shouldn’t be with friends. It’s also hard to figure out whether to stop the friendship.

There are four books in this series:
①表達技巧&溝通能力 – How to express yourself, how to communicate
②珍惜自己&人際關係 – How to respect and love yourself and establish healthy relationships
③整理收納&良好習慣 – How to clean after yourself and develop healthy habits
④訂定計畫&時間管理 – How to manage your time and schedule

I think the titles speak for themselves. Some samples of the inside pages and the first small section is read by my older child. She will be in fifth grade next year and definitely needs help in all these topics! The book covers topics with a little worksheet in the back of each section but I think a good discussion would be good.

We would be covering some of these topics in our Chinese Classes like How to Express Yourself for the summer but adjusted for all of elementary school aged kids in an easy to understand format with Zhuyin. If you’re interested, you should join us!

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