Book Review: 奇先生妙小姐典藏版 Mr. Men Little Miss Collector’s Edition Set

Age: 6+ with parent or independent with Zhuyin.

Purchase link:

This set is so darling. Just the illustrations should give it away that it’s a CLASSIC translated from Roger Hargreaves. My original set looked like the little books in the images below but they recently made a collectors edition of super large sized, gold foiled hardbacks where eight stories are combined into each large book with a total of 24 stories total.

What’s so special about this edition? The PAPER! THE COVER! THE EVERYTHING! Plus, you get to use it with a reading pen!!!!!

This is a cute set with about 1000-1200 words per story – perfect for daily nightly read aloud for your lower elementary leveled reader. It has about an idiom on every page almost and definitely at least on every other page. I really think it’s an amazingly friendly set!

Reading pen video is here:

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