Book Review: 樂讀456+ (無注音):晴空小侍郎套書, 檸檬水戰爭系列,說謊的阿大,12月的暑假,半個老大,看不見的敵人,我是好人,我是怪胎,蛋糕學校,超級乖寶寶


Screenshot 2022-04-06 101938

Age: 9+ independent if can read without Zhuyin

I wanted to bring out that the 456 Collection has many variations of levels. They have the beginner levels, intermediate and now I will introduce the advanced with no Zhuyin (phonetic help). There’s a large collection of these but I’m bringing out a few to show what it looks like inside. These are also luckily still in print when I bought them. Many of the 456’s are not in print and I won’t show them here. 

For those parents who have children who are on more advanced reading and can recognize probably 2500+ characters and have reading levels above 4th grade, you can venture into these. 

Please note that knowing 2500+ characters sometimes doesn’t mean you can read books without Zhuyin for these traditional Chinese texts. Why? It requires a lot of reading comprehension and some of these topics are more mature and requires you to understand… well… human nature, internal struggles, social emotional topics, etc. Therefore, it probably won’t be great sticking your 5 year old on this set just because they know 2500 characters. Treat these as real novels for the pre-teen/teen age. This is also why I listed the age at 9+. If you have a mature child and want to try it before third grade, go for it. I never say no. However, these are great books for kids fourth grade and up. Emotionally appropriate and level appropriate if you can read on this level. 

The other 456 books that are friendlier with Zhuyin I have introduced before are: 

神奇柑仔店系列 and 妖怪出租 

The same publisher with the series for lower elementary (for those in first to third grade) should be looking at the 閲讀123 Series instead. 

Purchase Links: 

Screenshot 2022-04-06 095625


This book is about monsters and can be okay for younger elementary kids who read at higher levels.



Screenshot 2022-04-06 095605

檸檬水戰爭系列 – Lemonade Wars

Made for grades 5+



Screenshot 2022-04-06 095510說謊的阿大 

Grade 5+



Screenshot 2022-04-06 095655


Diary style with realistic photos. Grade 5+



Screenshot 2022-04-06 095726


This book requires more maturity. Grade 5+




Screenshot 2022-04-06 095752


This book requires more maturity. Grade 5+



Screenshot 2022-04-06 095819   我是好人 

At least 4th grade maturity.



Screenshot 2022-04-06 095849


At least 4th grade maturity.




Screenshot 2022-04-06 095915


Ok for 3rd grade if mature.




Screenshot 2022-04-06 095939


Ok for 3rd grade if mature.





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