Book Review: 褲子小偷 系列 Pants Burglar Series

Age: 8+ as stated on books (5+ with help)

Purchase Links:

The story is very fit for both boys and girls. A boy gets hurt and essentially needs to undergo an operation where he gets turned into a monster. During the operation, you learn about different parts of the body and their functions.

In all cute Japanese translated books, you have many puzzles you can play and solve during the reading of the book that keeps the attention span of the child in the lower grades. There is color every 10-20 pages or so in the book.

Words are big and friendly, easy to read and it goes over many of the harder to learn concepts in a very simple format and makes it easy to follow.

Is it scary? Not really though it may seem like it wants to be but it’s definitely not! In any case, it’s more educational than scary.

What about the one with math? What level is that one?

The math book definitely isn’t the hardest math you’ll see but it definitely makes the kids interested and happy they can read what’s inside and understand. We’ve made a little class trial video with this one. Feel free to watch and see the pages inside “part” of the book. It does get harder towards the end of the book with puzzles and some critical thinking but all in all, it’s definitely lower elementary level material math:

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