Time Management: 學習時間表怎麽安排最有效率? How to Create Study Schedules with Maximum Impact

Many moms have shared their daily schedules or activities on our Facebook Group: Motherly Notes and it’s a common question that parents have because children like to:

  1. Procrastinate
  2. Procrastinate
  3. Procrastinate

Moms like to maximize their kids study schedule as well as their own times. How in the world do other kids study 5-6 things in a day and absorb so much!?!??! 

There’s no magic pill. The short answer is: just do it. 

The long answer is: there are many ways for you to achieve the same goals without being so much in pain. It all boils down to knowing how long your child’s attention span is and having a schedule so that everything is:

  1. Planned and predictable
  2. Gives children an expectation of when their PAIN will end
  3. Gives clear set goals for the day

In the video I have outlined our own work schedule and why the following points are important: 

  1. You must plan breaks for the brain to reboot. 
  2. You should switch topics and subjects every 20 or so minutes for children above five years old. 
  3. Don’t dwell on a subject just because it’s not finished. Take a break, do something else and come back.
  4. Alternate between right brain and left brain subjects so the brain is tricked to reboot and absorb again. 

In the video, I’ve also gone over different attention spans of different aged children. I won’t be going too much into the specific schedules of children under five because that can be left for another day. In this video, I just wanted to go over the schedule for generally children who already have attention spans over 20 minutes or over. 

Hope you guys find it helpful! This is a very shortened version of what there is to it but to make everything brief (and within most mom’s attention spans), I’ve limited the video to about 20 minutes – haha. 

As always, my way is only one way and not the only way. There are many amazing moms in our Facebook group who have shared their own. Feel free to join our group: Facebook Group Motherly Notes

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