Book Review: 漫畫昆蟲記──酷蟲學校甲蟲這一班:爆笑全集(共5冊) Bug School Science Comics Series

Age: 8+ Independent Reader or with Parent (reading level grade 4+)

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I rarely find a series where I find the pictures to be interesting, ugly and cute at the same time. This series looks cute, grotesque, interesting, and educational all at once. How genius. It’s for both boys and girls.

This is a science comics series composed of five books. You’ll need high proficiency in Chinese to be able to understand the science part of it. The stories are funny where students eat teachers or who eats poop and who always has a runny nose.

You’ll have to know this is a bug series so you’ll be learning a lot about bugs. The book is divided into separate stories (like episodes) and in each, something happens to some main character. The stories are based around humor and science knowledge about the bugs that are involved.

After each story, there’s always a few pages of scientific information about the main bug you’ve learned and all the other bugs and their scientific name, etc. This is the part where it gets more complicated and you’ll need some parent help to understand all of it or a high proficiency in Chinese to be able to read this series.

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