Book Review: 王文華 時光小學: 爸爸,不住在我家,我的便利貼媽媽,暴龍爸爸回來了,我的媽媽曾美麗

Age: 7+ alone (better with parents)

Purchase Links:

First Set – 第一套,時光小學1+2套書:金鼎獎暢銷作家王文華的第一套家庭議題作品

Second Set – 第二套,時光小學3+4年級(套書):金鼎獎作家王文華最動人的家庭議題作品

This is a set of books based on children who have experienced some dramatic changes in their lives. It’s based off of children in elementary who are dealing with seemingly happy families, unhappy families, families who have lost someone, families who have had someone with a criminal record. The stories are tastefully done by the famous author 王文華。Unlike other elementary books, these books are written for both adults and children alike. There are no parts where you’ll feel like it’s too immature or boring. Instead, I found myself unable to put it down because it was written in the child’s perspective. It was sweet and touching in every aspect.

The first book is written in a first grader’s perspective, second book from a second grader’s perspective, and so forth. This goes until fourth grade. Each book brings up a different family issue that many people face today. It helps children understand other family’s perspective and be mindful of how different every family is. For example, the first book is about a girl who is mad at her father for leaving the family to have another family. Her mom is not especially the strong brilliant type and struggles day to day on how to balance life and work. Essentially things turn for the worse and you’ll see how they deal with real life issues.

I didn’t put in a higher age because the books are harder to read but because the material inside is best explained to a child who maybe can relate better to other people’s feelings. This is a set that would serve to be great as a read together for children of “all ages” because it cuts in so deep about family relationships and how to value love. It answers the questions of what is real love within the family, what is true happiness, and what are the things most valued in life.

I highly recommend this set of books for the parents or teachers who want to have a deep discussion with their child/students. It helps us view those friends, family, and classmates in a different view, one that is more understanding. Great stories, great lessons, amazing books.

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