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I started this blog when I was pregnant with my first child. Put in about 5 entries and stopped because I was so busy with my pregnancy and getting ready for the baby. Left this blog hanging and hanging and finally I knew I had to update it because I found myself retyping the same thing over and over and over for my friends. I figured from now on, I’ll just send them a link with everything that I did with my children that was noteworthy.

I like buying things. Okay, maybe that’s an understatement. I am a hoarder and shopaholic of toys and anything educational for my children. I am obsessed with how to educate children and research a lot on this topic. I spend my days doing research on how I can do things better with minimal effort. Most people think I spend hours with my children to achieve what they have but in reality, I spend only 1/10 of what they think.

I don’t believe in the traditional Chinese parenting (I was brought up in one) because it limits creativity. However, I don’t agree totally with letting your child run wild either. I’ve found a happy medium. I believe children should have early exposure to writing and reading but at the same time, I don’t feel that it should be made a boring task. Some parents tell me but teaching them to read IS a boring task. Not really. If it’s boring for you, it DEFINITELY will be boring for your kid.

Here on this blog, I will share all the “toys” (or they think it is) and methods I used to educate my kids and I welcome feedback and more community sharing. This is a blog for friends and family for supportive sharing. I understand everyone has different opinions and respect every way you’d like to educate your children. Everyone has a different method but I hope that there aren’t any attacking comments among readers. We can all share but let’s keep all the negativity to ourselves because I really wrote this blog to be a happy one and to jot down my journey with my beautiful children.

This is not a professional blog and isn’t intended to be one! There will be typos, grammatical errors, and very opinionated opinions because I am OPINIONATED! I will apologize first if I ever offend anyone but I still stand behind what I believe.

Since the pandemic, through many requests, I’ve started an amazingly RIGOROUS  native Chinese online school where we teach at the speed of light, haha. I’ve hired teachers from Taiwan to teach our American children how to learn Chinese the native way! If you’re interested, please check out the Chinese Classes tab above or visit: https://class.motherlynotes.com

Thanks for reading and feel free to ask me about where I got my stuff if you are shopping for items!

6 Responses to About

  1. Helen says:

    May I ask something personal? Are you a full-time mum or a working mum? How do you schedule daily reading/learning activities with kids?


  2. Shine Kim says:

    Hi! I read about how you were able to cut down your pumps per day. As an exclusively pumping mother the stress of pumping multiple times a day and taking care of a new baby is overwhelming to say the least, so reading about your success in cutting down to 2 pumps per day is an inspiration!
    Could you tell me how long you were able to pump 2 times a day? Did your body start to wean and stop producing milk? I would love to follow your process but am frightened that it will signal my body to stop producing milk as I have been told by other mommies that it’s recommended to drop one pump every 4weeks, while your process drops a pump pretty much every week.


    • JLiu says:

      Hi Shine! Yes, pumping is soooo stressful! Everyone let’s down with different times because every body is different. Sometimes it takes me 25 minutes a side and sometimes 40! Your body also feels different daily. The most important is to pump til DRY DRY. After you remove the pump, hand express the LAST few drops!!!! This tells your body you still need more and your output won’t drop much at all. Wait for it to stabilize before dropping another pump. Also read my replies to the other comments and read my article carefully again when you do it so you don’t miss out on important points like hand expressing til bone dry. Cheers!!!!


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