• Taiwan Eats: 飯 Bar Station , Funbar

    Taiwan Eats: 飯 Bar Station , Funbar

    This is a trendy style Chinese restaurant and it’s quite tasty! You can find many traditional dishes done nicely. My favorite is the pork belly (東坡肉) and Shanghai Bok Choi Rice (上海菜飯). The meat was tender but not oily. The sauce was just right. The rice was nice and bouncy and just the right flavor. […]

  • Taipei Eats: 銷魂麵舖 Spicy Noodle

    Taipei Eats: 銷魂麵舖 Spicy Noodle

    I found this in 新光三越 (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi) A11 美食街 (food court basement level) … um… with a crazy line during the weekend. I vowed to come try it when it’s not as busy during the week. There’s still a line during the week! But manageable! It’s spicy but not too spicy. I don’t find […]

  • Taiwan Eats: Mazendo 麻膳堂

    Taiwan Eats: Mazendo 麻膳堂

    This place is supposed to be known for their spicy noodles but the GEM I found is their Hainan Chicken RICE!!!!!!!!!! Their rice has a lemongrass flavor scented through and not oily. The chicken was better than what I remembered in Singapore… chicken was warm and tender and the bones were still red inside but […]

  • Taiwan Eats: 晶華冠軍牛肉麵 Regent CBN Champion Beef Noodles

    Taiwan Eats: 晶華冠軍牛肉麵 Regent CBN Champion Beef Noodles

    This place won championship in beef noodle competition in 2015. It may or may not fit your taste depending on what type of beef noodles you like. I found it kind of cheesy they have “Champion Beef Noodles” right smack on the outside but I guess it does help people realize who they while walking […]

  • Taiwan Eats: 一蘭 拉麵 Ichiran Ramen

    Taiwan Eats: 一蘭 拉麵 Ichiran Ramen

    Noodles were great. Soup was great. Extra plate of meat wasn’t so great. Just get their traditional Char Siu. Don’t get the extra $148 plate of 燒肉. It wasn’t tender. Didn’t love that. Otherwise, everything was great! I ordered 10 times the spicy and then ordered slightly harder noodles which I thought was smart. The […]

  • Taiwan Eats: 大三元 3 Coins (Michelin 1 Star)

    Taiwan Eats: 大三元 3 Coins (Michelin 1 Star)

    This place was awarded Michelin one star last year. It’s very very traditional cuisine and has a Cantonese flair …. but is it really Cantonese? Not really. The taste is more like Taiwanese Cantonese fusion? The duck is crispy on the outside and I like the wrap that it came with. It’s got grains but […]

  • Taiwan Eats: 肉割烹 ゆう-Nikukappou Yuu

    Taiwan Eats: 肉割烹 ゆう-Nikukappou Yuu

    If you love beef and love marbled melt in your mouth beef from Japan (Omi beef)….Come here. Highly recommended. It’s about ten courses of amazing. There’s only space for about ten guests per dinner sitting. Menu is fixed but you can tell them about allergies and preferences for substitution, etc. Service is friendly and nice. […]

  • Taiwan Eats: Kiki Restaurant Kiki 餐廳

    Taiwan Eats: Kiki Restaurant Kiki 餐廳

    This is a chain opened by 藍心湄. It’s not like something that’s ultra ultra special but the taste is so good! For those that like spicy food, this is the place to come. The menu is expansive and the food is super well cooked. I really suggest 蒼蠅頭 as a must order if you like […]

  • Taiwan Eats: Palais De Chine (Michelin 3 Stars) 君品酒店 頤宮 (米其林 3 星)

    Taiwan Eats: Palais De Chine (Michelin 3 Stars) 君品酒店 頤宮 (米其林 3 星)

    Seems like I’m always eating… but this one is a must go and repeat! Must go and repeat! Must go and repeat! Chinese Site: https://www.palaisdechinehotel.com/tw/restaurant.php English Site: https://www.palaisdechinehotel.com/en/restaurant.php Couple things to note: It’s Dim Sum on steroids. Reservations are hard… hard… did I say hard? Call in the FIRST of the month to get a […]

  • Taiwan Eats: 海底撈 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

    Taiwan Eats: 海底撈 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

    I love hotpot and Taiwan has the best hot pot places. This particular chain though is from China and I can’t say enough good stuff about it. First of all, the meat is delicious. Second, they have a bagillion sauces for you to choose from. Third, their service is top notch. We sat down, immediately […]

  • Yen 紫艷 at W Hotel -Oh My Duck…

    Yen 紫艷 at W Hotel -Oh My Duck…

    You want duck? Go to W Hotel. Yummy duck and yummy dim sum. Not like crazy out of this world but definitely satisfying as the quality standard is there. Their duck is served wrapped by their servers. Their dim sum was very nicely done. Everything was made/steamed to order and came out perfectly. Desserts were […]

  • 鼎泰豐(信義) The Original Din Tai Fung (Xinyi)

    鼎泰豐(信義) The Original Din Tai Fung (Xinyi)

    So I always contemplate whether I want to go to another location of Din Tai Fung but always end up going to the original one. There’s always a long wait but the trick is to get there early. We went before 11am and waited only 15 minutes. YAY! And… wait… is that…. TRUFFLE bao??? YES!!! […]

  • 山嵐 拉麵 Yamaarashi Ramen

    山嵐 拉麵 Yamaarashi Ramen

    The ridiculous thing about Taiwan is this… you walk along the small streets and you are overwhelmed with crazy yummy looking places. You walk into one of these and you get knocked out with great tasting food everywhere. This little place I went to near where I live just hit it out of the ball […]

  • 大道18號 18 Days (熱炒店 – Quick Fry Restaurant)

    大道18號 18 Days (熱炒店 – Quick Fry Restaurant)

    Taiwan is not Taiwan if you don’t go to a quick stir fry place. This is what they call 熱炒店. This particular one is a cross between a street style 熱炒 and restaurant style. The taste is pretty spectacular. Most dishes are small and costs between 100-150 TWD ($3-$5 USD). Our favorite dish everywhere we […]

  • 態芮 Taïrroir – Michelin One Star Taipei

    態芮 Taïrroir – Michelin One Star Taipei

    So I was able to go back and book something here… yay. The decor is nice. It’s more simple than RAW Taipei – Michelin One Star Restaurant for the decoration. Food was however different. Both had Taiwan fusion done right but Taïrroir had more of a French imfluence in terms of plating, size of the bite, […]

  • 老媽拌麵 Lao Ma Noodles

    老媽拌麵 Lao Ma Noodles

    When in Taiwan, it’s so hard to just walk around and NOT eat! Everything looks so good! Today after our 90 minute foot massage, we were walking in the neighborhood and I saw this gem. Um, I love spicy and this place has so many spicy sauces! Then I found their website and found out […]

  • Moomin Cafe 嚕嚕米主題餐廳

    Moomin Cafe 嚕嚕米主題餐廳

    So we went to another cute cafe this time based off of the comic book set! Here’s their facebook page with more of their photos: https://www.facebook.com/moomincafe.tw/ Again,  this is for fun and looks… the food was decent and again, not at Taiwan level but very decent, just not anything you’ll be craving. Otherwise, their desserts […]

  • Rilakkuma Café 拉拉熊咖啡廳

    Rilakkuma Café 拉拉熊咖啡廳

    So usually my expression shows a disgusted look when I walk into something that’s way too cute. Before kids and marriage, people would have to strangle me to go to a place like this. Let’s just say… having kids changed me and now I actually scope out these places so that my kids would get […]

  • Ippudo Ramen 一風堂

    Ippudo Ramen 一風堂

    I’ve had this ramen in New York. This one I went to was in Taipei Main Station and tastes as good as the one in New York. If you want a decent ramen without guessing whether it’ll be good, this is a good place plus the 5 billion other restaurants on this floor! When I […]

  • Guest House 請客樓 – Michelin 2 Star Restaurant

    Guest House 請客樓 – Michelin 2 Star Restaurant

    This Michelin two star restaurant is easier to book than Tairroir or RAW. It’s been around and is on top of the Sheraton. It’s rather busy for lunch when we went and had a more traditional vibe. Dishes were traditional but with a nice touch. For example, their tofu dish was super delicate (in the […]

  • RAW Taipei –  Michelin One Star Restaurant

    RAW Taipei – Michelin One Star Restaurant

    This is a Michelin one star restaurant that combines French bistro with a Taiwan flare. This was a nine course meal and it was heavenly. The decor was very earthy when you enter and you can smell the wood decoration as you walked through the entire restaurant. Dishes are seasonal of course and set by […]

  • 煮海 Trésors de la mer

    煮海 Trésors de la mer

    We had an amazing feast of seafood here next to the fish market in Taiwan. This place is a gem. We had a tray of sashimi and seafood hotpot after. We also had their hand rolls made table side, grilled lamb chops, and grilled steak. The food was super fresh. After the hotpot, you cook […]

  • 肉食主義 – Meat Love, Mean Love, Meet Love

    肉食主義 – Meat Love, Mean Love, Meet Love

    Ok, so the name isn’t so sexy but their food is. This is a hot pot place with Japanese Wagyu meat and frankly, it didn’t matter WHAT meat we ordered, they were all so so so so tender!!! We had lamb, beef as well as pork and they all tasted great. We tried all four […]

  • 金蓬萊 – Golden Formosa Restaurant (Michelin 1 Star)

    金蓬萊 – Golden Formosa Restaurant (Michelin 1 Star)

    Stars: 5/5 We went to this lovely restaurant yesterday and it was sooooooooooo good! A few things to note: Make a reservation!!! Pre-order the Crab Sticky Rice 紅蟳油飯 and also Supreme Abalone Buddha Jumps Over the Wall (帝王佛跳牆)。These need pre-ordering and they’re heavenly. The 放山雞 chicken dish and the fried pork chops were amazing. Pork […]

  • 茗香園冰室 – Ming Xiang Yuan (Dim Sum)

    茗香園冰室 – Ming Xiang Yuan (Dim Sum)

    Stars 5/5 因為來的時候那家粵菜實在太難吃了,在家附近找了一家試試(老公香港人一直想吃吃看台式粵菜)。這家沒有選錯,實在很~好~吃~~~~~ 便宜,不油膩,真好吃。叫得每一道菜都很有水準。 We had to redeem’s Taiwan’s HK styled food because our first experience was too horrible. Found this restaurant near our apartment. All I have to say, Taiwan has redeemed itself on HK food. This is authentic and not oily like the other restaurant. Husband approves and says it’s just like the […]

  • My 灶 – My Kitchen – Traditional Taiwan Cuisine

    My 灶 – My Kitchen – Traditional Taiwan Cuisine

    Stars: 5/5 大姊請客一向瘋狂,才幾個人點了一桌的菜,哈! 米其林推薦的傳統台菜。只能說,想吃傳統台菜,就來這裡。有名的是他們的滷肉飯。他們的烘蛋加上鮮蚵仔非常好吃。小朋友一口接一口。最後的古早味刨冰實在是香得不得了。點了太多,自己下面看看。其實點什麼都好吃。 困難的就是訂位而已。好險姊都訂好了。 想來的朋友,最要預約哦! This is a traditional Taiwanese restaurant and recommended by the Michelin guide. Their Taiwanese stewed pork rice is pretty famous but otherwise, all the dishes have been great and traditional. The shaved ice at the end is a must because the way they did their brown sugar sauce is […]

  • 犁園湯包館 – Li Yuan Soup Dumplings

    犁園湯包館 – Li Yuan Soup Dumplings

    今天小表妹帶了我們來吃湯包。皮薄,料多,湯汁濃。小菜自取。 我們叫了三種湯包 (上海,蟹肉,生蠔)還有其他小菜 ,小朋友都愛吃。 小菜的豆干特別有味道。 小朋友把一盤都吃完了。最後的芝麻包很特別,做得是南瓜的形狀, 味道是QQ 的皮陪著微甜的芝麻。 小朋友各吃了兩顆。 因為已經吃過鼎泰豐,所以換換吃別家湯包也是很不錯的。 My cousin took us to this soup dumpling spot. We ordered regular shanghai style dumplings, crab dumplings and oyster dumplings and many other dishes like hot and sour soup, etc. The skin was thin and each dumpling was filled with aromatic soup. There were side […]

  • Sogo 三合院 – 港式飲茶 (好看不好吃)

    Sogo 三合院 – 港式飲茶 (好看不好吃)

    1/5 Stars 說真的,有點失望。蝦子炸得油膩,脆皮雞就只有脆皮的優點,牛腩只有嫩可是味道不足,蝦餃是唯一過得去的。 唉~ 排隊長龍,服務一般般。 Disappointed in the taste. Fried shrimp was oily, crispy skin chicken had only crispy skin but not taste, beef was tender but lacking taste, but the redeeming factor were the shrimp dumplings which was a hit with the girls. Otherwise, avoid this restaurant. Long lines, lackluster food and service. 三合院粵式料理港式飲茶 […]