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Julia Music School 朱莉亞音樂藝術中心

誰說旅遊就要放棄練習樂器?這家我找了好久也研究了好久。就這個地點(復興小學旁邊)裡面的老師就已經超過80位!!!很驚人吧!給我們只來幾個禮拜的遊客很大的方便。租小提琴也方便所以不用自備。如果是練鋼琴,用他們的練習房都免費哦!實在很理想。上幾次課都可以彈性很大。老闆人超好! Who said you have to give up practicing your instrument while you’re in vacation? We found this music school with over 80 teachers! They do strings and piano and fits us perfectly. You can even borrow their piano … Continue reading

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