• Book Review: 賴馬系列 Author 賴馬 Lai Ma Series

    My video got cut off so here’s the second video: Please visit our Facebook group for more information! https://www.facebook.com/groups/motherlynotes/ Age: 3+ with adult, 5+ independent I love this author because his books are full of fun and information and a ton of things to see on the illustrations. The stories are usually whimsical and fun. […]

  • Doing Arts with Watercolor Pencils & Book Review: 十二生肖的故事 Story of the 12 Zodiac Animals

    I’m working on a project with my little one for her school and it took forever to do only because we wanted it to look pretty. We modeled all the animals after 賴馬’s book: 十二生肖的故事: This book tells the story of how the 12 Zodiac animals came about and how the Jade Emperor planned a […]