• Book Review: 漫畫教科書:數學益智王 套書6本 Smart Math Comics Grades 1-6

    Age: 6+ independent, up to 6th grade Please visit our Facebook group for more information! https://www.facebook.com/groups/motherlynotes/ Purchase Links: 漫畫教科書:數學益智王 1  漫畫教科書:數學益智王 2  漫畫教科書:數學益智王 3 漫畫教科書:數學益智王 4  漫畫教科書:數學益智王 5  漫畫教科書:數學益智王 6  I was searching for a math set that didn’t involve too much working out of problems because we follow the Singapore Match Curriculum at home […]

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