• Book Review: 翻一翻‧懂更多 系列套書 Lift the Flap Usborne Series (Rain, Flowers, Babies)

      Age: 3+ with parent, 4+ independent (if you can read zhuyin) Please visit our Facebook group for more information!  翻一翻‧懂更多 系列套書 Usborne Lift-The-Flap Series in Chinese   (all 3) 天空為什麼會下雨?:翻一翻‧懂更多 Usborne Why Does It Rain?  植物為什麼要開花?:翻一翻 懂更多 Usborne Why Do Flowers Grow?  寶寶從哪裡來?:翻一翻‧懂更多 – Usborne Where Do Babies Come From?  This is a series from Usborne […]