• Book Review: 王文華 時光小學: 爸爸,不住在我家,我的便利貼媽媽,暴龍爸爸回來了,我的媽媽曾美麗

    Book Review: 王文華 時光小學: 爸爸,不住在我家,我的便利貼媽媽,暴龍爸爸回來了,我的媽媽曾美麗

    Purchase Links: First Set – 第一套,時光小學1+2套書:金鼎獎暢銷作家王文華的第一套家庭議題作品 Second Set – 第二套,時光小學3+4年級(套書):金鼎獎作家王文華最動人的家庭議題作品 This is a set of books based on children who have experienced some dramatic changes in their lives. It’s based off of children in elementary who are dealing with seemingly happy families, unhappy families, families who have lost someone, families who have had someone with…

  • 故事聊一聊: 王文華老師來說故事!

    故事聊一聊: 王文華老師來說故事!

    We were able to invite the famous author 王文華 to come tell stories to our kids here in the United States! Whoo hoo! He’s written hundreds and thousands of stories, haha. Enjoy the video! We were so lucky to have had him come here and grace us with his recommendations. I couldn’t be thankful enough!…

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