• Book Review: 字的童話 Fairy Tales of Words

    Age: 5+ You can find/purchase this set here: 字的童話 I love this set of books. I’ve been reading my girls stories from this set here and there. There’s a lot of material to learn in here. It’s full of most commonly used phrases and idioms! They do it in the most intuitive way. At the […]

  • Book Review: 故事摩天輪系列 Ferris Wheel Bridge Book Series

    Age: 6-9 (Grade 1-Grade 3) This set of books is really wonderful. Although it doesn’t sort out from easy to hard for you, each box has a variety of easy to harder books. It has a variety of books in each box and each box contains 10 books. I really really love the stories inside. […]

  • Book Review: 世界經典橋樑書系列 World Classics Bridge Sets 1, 2, 3

    Where to buy them: 世界經典橋梁書:低中年級(小學生閱讀小火車)  – Lower Grades (K-2nd) 世界經典橋梁書:中高年級(小學生閱讀小火車)  – Middle Elementary (2nd-4th) 世界經典橋梁書:高年級(小學生閱讀小火車) – Upper Elementary (4th-6th) Here are 3 sets of “bridge books.” When most people think of bridge books they get scared and think it’s usually too hard for their kids or think that picture books are easier. That’s not the case. […]

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